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Do You Suck At Negotiating?

If you can answer ‘YES’ to three or more symptoms from the list below, then chances are, you do!

  • When a buyer suggests you lower your price, your reflexive response typically is “where do you need me to be?”
  • You continuously give away freebies without knowing how it affects your gross margin
  • You take negotiating very personally (“I can’t believe they low-balled me, how dare they!”)
  • You just don’t like negotiating, it’s rather uncomfortable
  • You say things like “I’ll lower my price to get my foot in the door.”
  • You split the difference


  • You’d rather negotiate through email
  • You cave on price quite easily when under a deadline
  • You think the definition of win/win is both parties feeling satisfied
  • You often say dumb things, thereby leaking privileged information that results in the loss of power
  • You’re overly worried about what your customer thinks of you
  • You’re just too nice
  • When a customer mentions your competition, you tend to feel pressure
  • When talking numbers, you typically choose digits that end in zero or five (i.e. 10% discount, $95 per unit, 5% commission, etc.)


The cure to this ravaging DISEASE that substantially impacts commissions, your organization’s operating profit, and your LTR’s can be found in Tony Perzow’s various training solutions. See why top executives from APPLE, RED BULL and ROLLS ROYCE have trained with him. Register today for one of Tony’s programs!

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negotiation skills

Tony Perzow

Negotiation Expert | Acclaimed Speaker | Author | Entrepreneur

A former negotiation trainer at the Karrass Organization and Vice President of negotiation training at Strategic Pricing Associates, Tony’s mission is to help others be insanely successful. His highly engaging workshops shatter the myths and misconceptions that prevent most companies and individuals from negotiating effectively. He blends the 30,000-foot view with in-the-trenches experience and practical…

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    • Fernando F. says…

      "The key learnings I got while training with Tony have helped me and keep helping me in my daily professional and personal life. From negotiating my last job change to helping my wife negotiate hers, from dealing with top customers or my own kids, these techniques are the most up-to-date in a ever changing, rapidly-evolving market. One particular technique I started using after my training with Tony is in regard to adapting to a specific psychological profile of a given customer. Also, managing timelines have become more efficient after Tony’s workshop."

      Medical Research Specialist, PFIZER

    • Nikko C. says…

      "Tony’s seminar not only helped me in my business life but in my personal life - I now find negotiating to be enjoyable, in part because of Tony and I strongly recommend him in this regard."

      Manager Commercial & Analysis, CONVERDYN

    • Anibal J. says…

      "Of all the seminars and courses I took after graduating from University, this one was definitely the most effective and enjoyable. Tony has a very charismatic way of presenting the material and he connected with our group of over 30 people in a fantastic way. His knowledge of the material was outstanding and he was able to clearly explain all the concepts while maintaining an engaging atmosphere."

      Strategic Business Development, PRIMALOGIK SOFTWARE

    • Frank H. says…

      "Tony possesses two amazing skills. First, he is an expert negotiator. He understands strategies, interactions and human nature. He knows how to craft a better deal. Second, and more importantly, Mr. Perzow is a natural communicator and teacher. His classes are fun and challenging at the same time. I have personally attended and have several clients who have been through Tony's seminars. We continue to see value. A final word. Tony is my secret weapon when I need to better understand a negotiation. What more can I say?"

      Founding Partner, RIVER HEIGHTS CONSULTING

    • Stilian N. says…

      "I had the pleasure to participate in one of Tony’s seminars. He is a very gifted presenter, top negotiator and clearly knows his topic. His speaking style is extremely entertaining and motivating. Not only was the seminar great, but the negotiation tools I left with were invaluable. I encourage everybody who desires to become a better negotiator, expert or beginner, to go and train with Tony."

      Business Development Manager, LOCWELD

    • Ruben D. says…

      "Tony Perzow’s training session was very constructive for me. I considered myself not a novice in Negotiations, which is why I signed up for such a compressed training session. But Tony was able to deliver nuances of Negotiation that I never thought of or even considered in the past. His way of demonstrating techniques is such that one never forgets."

      Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, PANASONIC

    • Andrea B. says…

      "Tony is one of my favorite instructors! He is knowledgeable, vivacious and doesn’t take himself too seriously. More importantly he is able to keep your attention for long periods of time. I recently had a need to train my team of production managers and Tony was my first choice, going with anybody else wasn’t even an option."

      Head of Production, RED BULL

    • Brett M. says…

      "Tony Perzow’s negotiation seminar was the best that I have ever taken.  Even exceeds a much longer course in college."

      Film Buyer, STARZ NETWORK

    • Drew P. says…

      "Tony Perzow delivered the most engaging, interesting and memorable presentation of negotiation tactics I’ve experienced."

      Procurement, DAIMLER

    • Shawn D. says…

      "One of the best presentations I’ve attended in the past 23 years!"


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    You’ve all heard the expression “You’ll do better in life if you do your homework.” But when it comes to negotiation, sales professionals often don’t do their homework because they don’t know what the assignment is. Well, the “assignment” is having a steady process that you can employ that will ensure more successful outcomes.

    • Learn the most important negotiation rule you NEVER learned and how to implement it for success.
    • Learn how to implement Tony’s Baggage, Headaches & Handcuffs process to help you figure out your buyer’s pressure points
    • Learn how to ask the right questions so that you can get the answers you need to ensure a value-based negotiation
    • Learn how to implement a target setting process that will ensure more profitable outcomes


    Can you win at tennis without a racquet? Chess without the King? Or how about poker without ever bluffing? Winning at negotiation is impossible without the strategic use of tactics and counter tactics.

    • Learn how to implement proven tactics that’ll increase margin immediately
    • Learn how to implement proven counter tactics that’ll protect the margin you already have
    • Learn how to implement Aristotle’s Three Pillars of Persuasion
    • Learn how to implement tried, tested and true techniques that’ll ensure your customers’ “perceived” satisfaction in any negotiation.


    How can you negotiate more profitable outcomes without disrupting the stability of your relationships with customers? Often people think that “giving in” is a sure fire way to keep buyers happy. What if saying “No” was, in fact, a better choice when it comes to the satisfaction of your LTR’s?

    • Learn how to implement social psychology techniques that’ll allow you to dig your heels in without ticking off your customers.
    • Learn how to implement proven strategies that’ll help you negotiate with difficult buyers.
    • Learn the essential strategies for creating a climate of agreement in any negotiation.
    • Learn how to implement creative negotiating concepts that’ll lead to bigger and better outcomes for all parties involved.

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      FREE Training Webinar | Sales Leaders | June 28, 2017

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      FREE Training Webinar | July 27, 2017

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    July 25, 2017 | Los Angeles | Ace Hotel

    No Death By PowerPoint! No Coma Induced Lecturing!

    A large percentage of the seminar will involve attendees negotiating with each other. There is no better way to learn a new skill than to actually DO it. All practice negotiations will get an in-depth critique by expert Tony Perzow. As Tony always says “I’m willing to bet you $100 that the choices you made in this practice negotiation are the exact same choices you’re making in the real world!” Having a spotlight put on the negotiation decisions you make with customers will open your eyes to a whole new world of possible success.

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    • 8:00am – 8:30am Registration

      • Sign in
      • Get settled in with a cup of coffee

    • 8:30am – 9:30am Introduction & Negotiation Overview

      • Overview of program, main themes, and format
      • Focus group exercise
      • Why we suck at negotiating group discussion

    • 9:30am – 10:30am Practice Negotiation & Critique

      • Expectations and their impact when negotiating
      • Illustration of competitive tactics and their uses
      • The significance of negotiating pressure

    • 10:30am – 10:45am First Break Of The Day
    • 10:45am – 11:15am Planning & Preparation

      • Pre-negotiation investigation process
      • Information gathering techniques
      • Target setting

    • 11:15am – 12:00pm Tactics & Counter Tactics

      • Demand and offer strategies
      • Implications of time (deadlines)
      • Email negotiating

    • 12:00pm – 1:00pm Lunch Break
    • 1:00pm – 2:00pm Practice Negotiation & Critique

      • The importance of saying ‘NO.’
      • The dangers of negotiating vaguely

    • 2:00pm – 2:45pm Aristotle’s Three Pillars Of Persuasion

      • Using credibility to gain leverage
      • Using legitimacy to gain leverage
      • Evoking an emotional reaction to gain leverage

    • 2:45pm – 3:15pm Concession-Making Strategy

      • The impact of significant concessions versus stingy concessions
      • The importance of asking for concessions in return
      • Predictable concessions to avoid

    • 3:15pm – 3:30pm Last Break Of The Day
    • 3:30pm – 4:00pm Satisfaction

      • The correlation between outcome and satisfaction
      • Techniques to increase the other party’s satisfaction

    • 4:00pm – 4:30pm Relationship

      • Creating a climate of agreement
      • Avoiding conflict
      • Creative techniques to grow the deal

    • 4:30pm – 5:30pm Practice Negotiation & Critique

      • Revisiting the day’s key concepts
      • Attendee progress reports

    • 5:30pm – 6:30pm Happy Hour & Networking Event

      • Ace Hotel Rooftop Bar

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    Interested in having Tony conduct a training at your company? Get in touch

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